Mud and Stud

Lincolnshires Unique Architectural Heritage; Mud and Stud

Thimbleby - White Cottage,  E177-R

Lincolnshire has a rich history of architectural design and possesses its own unique building heritage which is very much under-rated and under-researched. This distinctive construction method is called Lincolnshire Mud and Stud (M&S), constitutes primarily a specific mix of earth and straw, and is less known and understood than other vernacular methods of construction such as ‘cob’ or ‘wattle and daub’. It is however equally interesting and culturally significant.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Lincolnshire Mud and Stud (M&S) possesses particular properties that have developed in relation to the unique culture that surrounds Lincolnshire’s vernacular architecture. The elements underpinning this architectural culture that links the past, present and future together constitutes the central interest of our research group.

Short description of M&S buildings

Examples of Mud and Stud Buildings


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